This post was inspired by Ross Douthat Opinion Columnist Oct. 22, 2019.

Read Ross’s opinion piece.

The following are some of my notes on his piece…

What is Ross Douthat’s plot?

A NEW Political Founding is a home resulting from both vision and struggle.

What does liberal order mean? The political structure of a party with tenets in the liberal mindset.


By shedding emotions in order to achieve certain goals, one comes full circle and becomes extremely emotional when those goals are threatened, impaired or ignored.

Every dogged pursuit without human and emotional consideration leads to separation from humanity.

Every suppression of humanity leads to depression and skepticism.

When a society, however large or small, by denying agency to a group or individual plants the seed of decay or segregation in its midst.

When the fundamentals of humanity are sacrificed for order or safety or escape, that society initiates its own demise rather than rebirth.

Societal good results from distributed input of virtues and values rather than one credentialed souls generous or will.

The village of ideas, strong and wise and prescient, contribute more to a society than any one type of mindset.

The impossibility of uninterrupted comfort or impenetrable safety must be accepted as future elements in a establishing a diverse society.

Ignoring reality, a liberal society must choose between dark futures: one that leaves fate to others or cruel nature; the other which constricts society to total control and harsh sanctions while still ignoring the enemies at the gates.

However, when combining ignorance of threat with suppression of descent, a society evolves into the worst of all worlds: societal elites escaping from a lower class of citizen temporarily in a doomed high castle.

Acceptance and integration of the society within hold the only real solution to withstanding the terrible tides without.

Societal success depends on putting politics behind the humanity those politics represent.